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February 23rd, 2010

After giving up on my second attempted college study, due to a lack of interest and challenge, I am now desperately looking for a job.

The study in question was of a Math Teacher, what was I thinking? Ever since the first day, no challenge whatsoever. I'm not a genius, but this was highschool all over again. I managed to pass the first math test without ever going to college. And then the other things I had to learn about.. Who cares what stages teenagers go through to reach adulthood? Although we did have some laughs about babies, when they have no sense of 'object permanence', so when you take something away from them, they think it's actually gone for good. Or when you put two rows of five pieces of candy in front of a seven or eight year old and he'll pick the row of candies which takes up the most space, because he thinks there are more..

Anyway, my qualifications aren't very impressive, I have to admit. I should be able to find a job nonetheless you'd say. A young guy, who is a fast learner and manages to go from having no work experience to running a shop in approx. six months. If I see all them people doing nothing and being able to afford a house, why can't I be like that? :( I'm lazy, yes. Sue me.

I've really been applying everywhere I can, from receptionist or police officer to a temporary job as a web developer. But hardly anyone even replies to say they've received my application.

Wish me luck.

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