Making graphs with PHP

February 26th, 2010

Like I promised yesterday, here's the tutorial for creating little fancy graphs.

Actual result:


First things first. Figure out what offsets you will need to display the graph in. Easiest way is to do this by drawing up a little box on a piece of paper or in paint. If you're too lazy for this, there's one after the jump:


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NAS Usage

February 25th, 2010

As I've said in my previous posts, I'm now hosting the website on my NAS downstairs.

It comes with a lot of options, but I'd still like a few more options to have more control over what it does, without having to log into the SSH every time. That's why I'm working on an admin panel for some administration options. Of which the first function is the CPU / Memory monitor I've made.. I've included them on the right, because I wanted to try and make a WordPress widget as well.

I've still got a slight problem, though, I'd also like a network monitor. I've tried iptables, but it's not easy to get it to work and I'm not going to recompile my NAS kernel and void my warranty. Any other suggestions are very welcome!

Tutorial on those graphs coming up.

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Personal Blog

LF Job

February 23rd, 2010

After giving up on my second attempted college study, due to a lack of interest and challenge, I am now desperately looking for a job.

The study in question was of a Math Teacher, what was I thinking? Ever since the first day, no challenge whatsoever. I'm not a genius, but this was highschool all over again. I managed to pass the first math test without ever going to college. And then the other things I had to learn about.. Who cares what stages teenagers go through to reach adulthood? Although we did have some laughs about babies, when they have no sense of 'object permanence', so when you take something away from them, they think it's actually gone for good. Or when you put two rows of five pieces of candy in front of a seven or eight year old and he'll pick the row of candies which takes up the most space, because he thinks there are more..

Anyway, my qualifications aren't very impressive, I have to admit. I should be able to find a job nonetheless you'd say. A young guy, who is a fast learner and manages to go from having no work experience to running a shop in approx. six months. If I see all them people doing nothing and being able to afford a house, why can't I be like that? :( I'm lazy, yes. Sue me.

I've really been applying everywhere I can, from receptionist or police officer to a temporary job as a web developer. But hardly anyone even replies to say they've received my application.

Wish me luck.

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New Host

February 22nd, 2010


Instead of having this website hosted at a company, I'm now hosting it from the electricity cupboard thing :).

The hosting computer is running some kind of Linux called BusyBox. It's processor is of some brand nobody has ever heard about but it's running great.

Inside are 2x 1 TB Western Digital Green harddisks, of which one is currently in hibernation mode all the time, because I'm still trying to fill up the first disk with movies and games.

It's a Synology 210j, which I can really recommend to anyone who wants to have their own NAS. It's a download center, a PHP/MySQL server and it's hosting my movies and music through DLNA so my father can watch it downstairs on his television. Other features these NAS'es have are third party packages, so you can install pretty much anything you want on them. For example, I've installed a package called SABNZBD which serves as a download center for downloading from newsgroups and will also unpack and repair the archives, unlike the built-in download center.

Unfortunately, due to my internet - which likes to die about 4-5+ times per day - the site will have some more downtime, although, it can't be much worse than the previous host. Back when I still used WeBBuddy site monitoring, I got mail from them every day saying they couldn't connect to my website. Usually during off-hours, but still...

Of course, site performance will suffer a little, but it shouldnt be too bad. Only moments when the site should be loading slow is when it's unpacking / repairing archives or between 0.00 and 9.00 CET in the morning when I set it to download at full speed (30 Mbit internet and getting about 26 Mbit download speeds during the night).

Kalkran out,

PS Yes, I'll try update some more. Even if it's just about the games I play or made something new in php :).

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Wolfram Alpha

September 24th, 2009

After doing some school work, I was browsing through a dutch website about math (, and in one of the comments linked a site called Wolfram|Alpha... This is the best search engine EVER.
Or, not so much a search engine.. It's a knowledge engine. It can solve almost all your math problems, you can ask it how many days seconds years have passed since your birthday.. Who was born on that day... Or check how much 5 mol of silver nitrate is!
Just check it out:

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